Giveaway: Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0

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Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 software sets new standards for digital filmmaking so you can make every frame
count. Providing the tightest integration with Adobe After Effects and Adobe Photoshop, and native support
for HDV, SD, and HD, Adobe Premiere Pro effortlessly fits into high-end effects and editing workflows. Its
rich set of advanced editing and effects tools ensures that you can produce whatever you imagine, and new
time- and space-saving features help make you more productive.

Expanded native format support now includes SD, HD, and HDV. With built-in support for HDV files, as well as native HD-SDI support for the
AJA Xena HS card, you now have a plug-and-edit solution regardless of the format you’re working with.
Innovative new tools, such as Adobe Clip Notes, make the client review and approval process much more
efficient. DVD authoring from the Timeline expedites the creation of DVDs, whether for digital dailies, final
output or test disks with or without menus. If you work in post services, in-house post production, videography, or multimedia services, Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 delivers a rich feature set that enables you to tell your
stories with the highest possible production values.

Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 is the video editing component of Adobe Production Studio Premium software,
the unified post-production design environment that combines the world-class Adobe post-production and
graphics applications with the innovative workflow efficiency of Adobe Dynamic Link.

With Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0, you can:
Edit everything. Edit major video formats with Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 software. Whether you are working
with HD, HDV, SD, or DV, Adobe Premiere Pro delivers real-time editing features, uncompromised image
quality, high performance, and reliability, to make working with and delivering the most demanding formats
easy and efficient.

Exercise your creativity. With a rich set of advanced editing and effects tools including advanced color
correction, powerful multiple camera editing, and superior audio controls, you have access to the tools
necessary to creatively tell your story. Unparalleled integration with After Effects and Photoshop—plus
new time- and space-saving features—add significant speed and workflow productivity, so you can produce
whatever you imagine.

Deliver with confidence. Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 gives you precise, flexible, and complete choice over your
final output. Send your media and metadata to other video, film, and audio applications. Prepare media for
delivery to the Web, DVD, tape, or digital cinema, without leaving your editing application.

Edit everything
With Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0, you’re ready for editing, no matter how demanding the project. HD, SD, HDV,
and DV—every major standard and high-definition video format (including DV, Digital Betacam, HDV,
HDCAM, and D5) is within your reach, with no compromise on quality, features, or performance. That
means you’re free to work with whatever media best meets your requirements in terms of budget, creative
expectations, and intended delivery medium.

Native HDV editing
Putting HD resolution within reach of even the most modest budget, HDV has rapidly become a popular
acquisition format. With Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 you now have a full-featured editing environment for HDV
with support for logging, batch capture, trimming, and editing in native HDV format so there is no conversion
or quality loss. Plus, Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 supports the most popular HDV-format cameras and VTRs,
including the most popular Sony and JVC models.

Macromedia Flash export
Streamline the process of encoding video and audio for your Macromedia® Flash® projects with new Flash
Video (FLV) export. Create compact, vector-based SWF animations that include sophisticated text animations
and shape morphing.

Integration with high-end workflows
Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 offers excellent integration with your high-end workflows.

Feet + Frames timecode
Film and video may be in different formats, but they needn’t exist in different dimensions. Built-in conversion
capabilities help bridge the two worlds by providing optional Feet + Frames timecode display (in addition to
video SMPTE) for captured footage. If you originate on or deliver to 16mm or 35mm film, Adobe Premiere
Pro 2.0 lets you choose whichever time reference system makes editing and conforming easiest for you.

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